Cracking Wall Paint! What Should I do?

Blistered, cracked, flaked paint on the walls. While you may feel agitated to see these ugly marks on your wall that you spend an entire weekend painting, it’s good to know that you’re not the only one who has experienced it. We’ve all seen it happening, one time or the other.

Why does it happen? It’s a common complaint; it usually happens when the paint applied is too thick or dry. Also, if the surface wasn’t in the right condition to be painted. So how do you fix the cracked paint in your wall? The first thing to do is feel relieved that it’s only a crack in the paint and not the wall.  Next, follow these useful tips to get rid of the cracks in your paint. It’s easy if you stick to the procedure and don’t try anything on your own.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Primer
  2. Paint
  3. Paint brush or roller (top quality)
  4. Paint tray
  5. Sand paper

Here’s what you have to do:

    Find the source of crack – is it due to thick paint? Is it due to improper paint technique? Or is it due to moisture in the wall? Once you know the source, it’s easier to know the treatment method. If it’s a crack in the foundation, then it’s a different problem all together and it’s best to stop reading now. However, if it’s a paint crack, pick up a sand paper and start sanding the area. Make sure you sand the area so much so that the surface is smooth and levelled.

  1. Paint preparation – now that you have sanded the spot, it’s time to apply the primer. Apply the primer and leave it to dry. While it dries well, read up instructions from the paint bucket. Check if the paint needs to be diluted or can be applied directly. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly to avoid the cracking and flacking from occurring again. Apply the second and final coat of primer.
  2. Paint it up – After the primer dries well, pour some paint in the tray and apply the paint from it. Use a brush if it’s a small area; a roller should be the best for large surface areas. Make sure to wipe excess paint from the roller and make M or W patterns while painting. This ensures you get an even layer of paint. Apply another layer of paint if needed (only after the first layer is dried).

Treating cracked paint is not a tough job and you can easily do it yourself. To avoid paint problems, make sure to use good quality paint, paint accessories and of course the right paint technique. It is the combination of all three that ensures you can paint your home perfect.


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