Things to Keep In Mind While Drywall Repair, Installation

When we talk about drywall, then its installation and repair are actually quite convenient. The problem which arises here is that it is also quite easy to do the repair wrongly and end up with the kind of result which is anything but not satisfactory. You do not want to give a bad impression to anyone who enters the room by providing a compromised look of the wall, making it absolutely necessary to carry out the repairing task with utmost care.

Also, there are a number of health and safety risks involved while working with drywall. It is essential to take some precautionary measures or follow some safety requirements if you want to ensure you’re own and your family’s health and safety while carrying out drywall repair, installation or any other process.

Taking Care of the Weight

In case if you have numerous repairs to do which require you to buy a number of drywall sheets then it is important for you to know the weight of the sheet. A regular sheet 1/2-in of drywall will have a weight of about 1.7 pounds per square foot. According to this, a ½-in sheet of drywall measuring 4×8-ft will weigh more than 54 pounds. If you stand it somewhere near the wall and it falls then there are chances of a child getting hurt badly.

Beware Of the Buckets

For small children, the five-pound buckets containing compound can prove to be hazardous. There is a danger of the children drowning or being choked to death because of it. Always keep them in a place where they are out of the reach of small children. Even after the work is done with them, they are usually kept to store water especially for the car wash. It is better to keep these water filled buckets away because the danger of being drowned is still eminent for the children.

Cleaning the Dust

The drywall sanding dust is a respiratory irritant especially for the people who are already suffering from such problems. It is always recommended to wear a mask before any of the sand particles is inhaled and causes some major trouble. Spread a plastic drop cloth and wipe the dust from it with the help of a damp cloth. After the work is done, you can vacuum the space in order to get rid of all the particles which might be hazardous to the health of any person.

The best idea is to use the drywall repair toolkit while carrying out any task. It consists of all the necessary equipment including different kinds of knives, a hammer, a screwdriver, a drywall saw a drill, a hacksaw, a hand sander, a level, and a nail bar. With the help of all these equipment, you can easily carry out the drywall repair, installation processes.

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