Things to Keep In Mind While Drywall Repair, Installation

When we talk about drywall, then its installation and repair are actually quite convenient. The problem which arises here is that it is also quite easy to do the repair wrongly and end up with the kind of result which is anything but not satisfactory. You do not want to give a bad impression to anyone who enters the room by providing a compromised look of the wall, making it absolutely necessary to carry out the repairing task with utmost care.

Also, there are a number of health and safety risks involved while working with drywall. It is essential to take some precautionary measures or follow some safety requirements if you want to ensure you’re own and your family’s health and safety while carrying out drywall repair, installation or any other process.

Taking Care of the Weight

In case if you have numerous repairs to do which require you to buy a number of drywall sheets then it is important for you to know the weight of the sheet. A regular sheet 1/2-in of drywall will have a weight of about 1.7 pounds per square foot. According to this, a ½-in sheet of drywall measuring 4×8-ft will weigh more than 54 pounds. If you stand it somewhere near the wall and it falls then there are chances of a child getting hurt badly.

Beware Of the Buckets

For small children, the five-pound buckets containing compound can prove to be hazardous. There is a danger of the children drowning or being choked to death because of it. Always keep them in a place where they are out of the reach of small children. Even after the work is done with them, they are usually kept to store water especially for the car wash. It is better to keep these water filled buckets away because the danger of being drowned is still eminent for the children.

Cleaning the Dust

The drywall sanding dust is a respiratory irritant especially for the people who are already suffering from such problems. It is always recommended to wear a mask before any of the sand particles is inhaled and causes some major trouble. Spread a plastic drop cloth and wipe the dust from it with the help of a damp cloth. After the work is done, you can vacuum the space in order to get rid of all the particles which might be hazardous to the health of any person.

The best idea is to use the drywall repair toolkit while carrying out any task. It consists of all the necessary equipment including different kinds of knives, a hammer, a screwdriver, a drywall saw a drill, a hacksaw, a hand sander, a level, and a nail bar. With the help of all these equipment, you can easily carry out the drywall repair, installation processes.

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Quick Tips for Bathroom Renovations

A good, clean and neat bathroom is the requirement for almost everyone, nothing is more disgusting than an old dirty and overused bathroom. Do bathroom renovations quickly and efficiently use a few tips?

Fix Budget

Try guessing how much you will spend on your bathroom makeover. This will help you decide how much you need to spend and what decisions you make starting from the labor involved in doing a renovation to extras like tiles, counters and other material you need to fix.


Tiles are expensive and major parts of a good fancy bathroom but decide which area needs tiles and which do not. It is essential for the floor to have good quality tiles so you can opt to spend more on the bathroom floor but for walls, if you have a high budget then go for having comparatively cheaper tiles on the horizontal or you can just go for wallpaper or paint.


Paint is probably the cheapest and quick way to give your bathroom a well-refined look. Go for light colors like white, cream and sky blue to give it a classy look.


If you are planning to be creative, buy attractive wallpapers whether you decide it for just one wall or more than one, this is a quick way to make your bathroom look unique and new.

Buy a Fancy Mirror

Adding a good fancy big mirror will make your bathroom look good and improved.


Update light fixtures, drawer pulls, towel rack and sink faucets. If you do your research, you can update fixtures at a very low cost and still manage the rest of your bathroom renovations.

Buy Used

If you have a limited budget, then don’t go around buying everything new, be sure to buy used some items too. You can easily get used items in good and new condition from online websites which are cheap and good for using.

Don’t Fill it Up Senselessly

The thought of buying new shampoo, face wash, soap, mouthwash, creams etc will automatically cross your mind whether you need them or not. Why? Because a filled up bathroom looks classy and is in fashion, but you don’t have to buy things you don’t need. Just do the setting of the things you already have to make it look “fuller,” and get that glam look.

Water Problems

One of the biggest problems you can come across while doing bathroom renovations are water problems, so look for structural issues especially if it was built a while ago and old corroded plumbing and non-water proof shower surroundings.


When going for extras, focus on the size of your bathroom, if it’s big and spacious go for a painting to make it look filler, if it is smaller and you are on a budget then just add fresh flowers to give a peaceful and pleasant look. Another tip is to add curtains.

Cracking Wall Paint! What Should I do?

Blistered, cracked, flaked paint on the walls. While you may feel agitated to see these ugly marks on your wall that you spend an entire weekend painting, it’s good to know that you’re not the only one who has experienced it. We’ve all seen it happening, one time or the other.

Why does it happen? It’s a common complaint; it usually happens when the paint applied is too thick or dry. Also, if the surface wasn’t in the right condition to be painted. So how do you fix the cracked paint in your wall? The first thing to do is feel relieved that it’s only a crack in the paint and not the wall.  Next, follow these useful tips to get rid of the cracks in your paint. It’s easy if you stick to the procedure and don’t try anything on your own.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Primer
  2. Paint
  3. Paint brush or roller (top quality)
  4. Paint tray
  5. Sand paper

Here’s what you have to do:

    Find the source of crack – is it due to thick paint? Is it due to improper paint technique? Or is it due to moisture in the wall? Once you know the source, it’s easier to know the treatment method. If it’s a crack in the foundation, then it’s a different problem all together and it’s best to stop reading now. However, if it’s a paint crack, pick up a sand paper and start sanding the area. Make sure you sand the area so much so that the surface is smooth and levelled.

  1. Paint preparation – now that you have sanded the spot, it’s time to apply the primer. Apply the primer and leave it to dry. While it dries well, read up instructions from the paint bucket. Check if the paint needs to be diluted or can be applied directly. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly to avoid the cracking and flacking from occurring again. Apply the second and final coat of primer.
  2. Paint it up – After the primer dries well, pour some paint in the tray and apply the paint from it. Use a brush if it’s a small area; a roller should be the best for large surface areas. Make sure to wipe excess paint from the roller and make M or W patterns while painting. This ensures you get an even layer of paint. Apply another layer of paint if needed (only after the first layer is dried).

Treating cracked paint is not a tough job and you can easily do it yourself. To avoid paint problems, make sure to use good quality paint, paint accessories and of course the right paint technique. It is the combination of all three that ensures you can paint your home perfect.

The Most Effective Ways to Make Renovations to Your Basement

Basement renovations are always the most difficult to make. One of the worst things about basement renovations is that they you are improving one of the most neglected parts of your home. One of the best things about Here we describe some of the best tips that any homeowner should use to make it easier for them to maintain their basement.

Check for Dampness

The first thing to do when renovating any basement is to look for any signs of over dampness. You should check for any issues like mold developing on the wall or signs of algae growing near pipelines. Some other very prominent and obvious signs of leakage may be damp patches on walls that are below grade. You should look to repair these and try to make changes that permanently eradicate the root cause of such dampness. One thing that you need to.

You have to check for the code

This is very important to know the code of construction means that one has to take the best steps in renovating a home. It is also important because you have the best things for home renovation. In fact, this is the most likely thing to happen if you have the best things. Thus, you should always know the building code whenever you are looking to develop a building.

Use and understand the fasteners                                                                                     

You should also know that fasteners are the most important things that are regarded as important for fastening things in place. They are very important when it comes to attaching frames in place. That are also useful because they are suitable for use with any type of wall.  They can be used with any type of material form masonry, cement, block, and brick to many other types of original in artificial materials.

Understand the importance of a vapor barrier

One of the first things to do when taking care of any moisture issues in your basement is to make use of a vapor barrier.  A barrier is essentially, something that tries to block the amount of moisture in the wall. After you have removed any previous signs of moisture, it is a very good idea to place them in order to make it easier to stay block any further exposure to moisture.

Make an offset space

Sometimes in extremely damp conditions, moisture can still be a major problem. To avoid this, you can create a slight offset from the outside of the wall. This can easily be done by adding thin slants of wood or metal called furring strips. These strips can be used to level out the wall also.

All of the above tools are very important to the healthy development of a home renovation plan. One of the best ways to achieve your lawn and home maintenance targets is to use the right tools. Thus, knowing the right tools to use and the exact timing to implement them is also crucial.

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What Custom Home Renovation Entails

Home Renovation is a tricky task, especially when it’s based on a DIY approach. All homes require renovation and modification including custom homes however the latter is a rare occurrence because custom homes are designed from the ground up in a specific way according to the homeowner’s directions. With that being said, there is a lot of stuff that you can do when willing to renovate your home but working on every part of your home would cost you a lot of money and time. So you have to make sure that you only renovate the parts that need most of your attention and which can turn your entire house into a more beautiful and comforting place to live. Here is what you need to know about home renovation:

Interior/Exterior Painting – Cheapest House Facelift Option

Painting is one of the cheapest yet effective home renovation ideas that can change the entire look and feel of a house. No matter what kind of design your house has, a nice inside and outside paint job can make it look new and graceful. Even if there are minor cracks in the walls of your house, you can fill them up with the filling material and paint them to make them completely disappear. You definitely don’t need to demolish the entire wall to build a new one unless it has become unstable or looks really horrendous. So a nice paintjob would give your house a nice facelift.

Floors – They Don’t Always Need Replacement

Many home owners quickly decide to replace their flooring when they are about to renovate their house. You should know that it is not necessary that you remove the floor tiles to give your house a new look but this task can be achieved without replacing the tiles. You can polish the tiles and replace the ones that are broken to give your floor a great shine and newly look that would go perfectly with the renovated parts of your house. Why waste a lot of money and effort to replace something that can live for another 20 + years!

Garden And Backyard – They Are Also A Part Of The House

I feel sad when I visit someone who has a very beautiful house but ugly or comparatively not-so-good gardens and backyards. Such house owners give me a very bad impression because I consider them tasteless and dumb. I mean if you can spend a lot of money on the bedrooms and bathrooms of your homes then why can’t you spend some on the garden and backyard? Aren’t they a part of your house? How do you think your guests would get in your home without crossing your garden or giving it a glance? Also the kids of your guests want to play with your kids in the backyard and when their parents would get their how their kids are doing, won’t you get embarrassed because your backyard is ugly? So make sure to give each part of your house attention during renovations.

So the above mentioned parts should be covered when you renovate your custom home. They would apply in both scenarios whether you want to renovate your house via DIY approach or with the help of a professional home renovation service Ottawa.  By following the tips mentioned above, you would be able to make your house look as good as new.

A small Guide about Home Renovations

You are a homeowner who wants to renovate his home or update it because you want to sell your home in any case you would need home renovation ideas. You might actually have a picture in your head of what you’re new look should be but whether that picture is enough?

Most people who want to renovate their homes can only think of a few ideas after which they are out of ideas. You might want to add a few cabinets or counter tops for your kitchen but you have no idea about what kind of cabinets would be good for your kitchen renovations and what changes you should do to your floorings and walls. You will need to have complete picture of home renovation ideas before you actually start renovating your home.

The first thing that you would need to focus on is your budget. You might be surprised but the fact is that most of the renovations can be done for cost less than you can imagine. Think of ideas and then compare your budget with those ideas. You can also go for shopping around to find the best prices. Also keep in mind that more work you do yourself would help in reducing cost for you.

Also write down what you would be renovating. Whether it is the kitchen or is it bathroom or exterior or even the whole house? You should write it all down. You can go outside and buy a few home renovation magazines that can give you new ideas or search online to get ideas. Cut out your favorite ideas or print them online even if it is something small that you liked.

Once you have gathered all the ideas about your home renovation ideas, you can decide further about your budget. You set specific budgets for your kitchen, bathroom, and living room and so on. You can start from that part of the home which has the lowest budget.

Let’s assume that you are starting with the bedroom renovations first. Shop around and find the best deals for bedroom renovation. Most probably you would complete renovation within you budget. You can then divert remaining money to next lowest and cheapest renovation in your home.