Quick Tips for Bathroom Renovations

A good, clean and neat bathroom is the requirement for almost everyone, nothing is more disgusting than an old dirty and overused bathroom. Do bathroom renovations quickly and efficiently use a few tips?

Fix Budget

Try guessing how much you will spend on your bathroom makeover. This will help you decide how much you need to spend and what decisions you make starting from the labor involved in doing a renovation to extras like tiles, counters and other material you need to fix.


Tiles are expensive and major parts of a good fancy bathroom but decide which area needs tiles and which do not. It is essential for the floor to have good quality tiles so you can opt to spend more on the bathroom floor but for walls, if you have a high budget then go for having comparatively cheaper tiles on the horizontal or you can just go for wallpaper or paint.


Paint is probably the cheapest and quick way to give your bathroom a well-refined look. Go for light colors like white, cream and sky blue to give it a classy look.


If you are planning to be creative, buy attractive wallpapers whether you decide it for just one wall or more than one, this is a quick way to make your bathroom look unique and new.

Buy a Fancy Mirror

Adding a good fancy big mirror will make your bathroom look good and improved.


Update light fixtures, drawer pulls, towel rack and sink faucets. If you do your research, you can update fixtures at a very low cost and still manage the rest of your bathroom renovations.

Buy Used

If you have a limited budget, then don’t go around buying everything new, be sure to buy used some items too. You can easily get used items in good and new condition from online websites which are cheap and good for using.

Don’t Fill it Up Senselessly

The thought of buying new shampoo, face wash, soap, mouthwash, creams etc will automatically cross your mind whether you need them or not. Why? Because a filled up bathroom looks classy and is in fashion, but you don’t have to buy things you don’t need. Just do the setting of the things you already have to make it look “fuller,” and get that glam look.

Water Problems

One of the biggest problems you can come across while doing bathroom renovations are water problems, so look for structural issues especially if it was built a while ago and old corroded plumbing and non-water proof shower surroundings.


When going for extras, focus on the size of your bathroom, if it’s big and spacious go for a painting to make it look filler, if it is smaller and you are on a budget then just add fresh flowers to give a peaceful and pleasant look. Another tip is to add curtains.